What happens to male body if you drink instant coffee

What happens to male body if you drink instant coffee

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Scientists have discovered a new harmful property of instant coffee.

In the UK scientists conducted a study which concluded that men drinking instant coffee is harmful to health.

As it turned out this kind of coffee contains hormones that affect the human body as the female sex hormones estrogens.

Accordingly, if in the blood of men increased levels of estrogen, testosterone becomes less, and it is fraught with the weakening of potency.

The negative consequences of the abuse of instant coffee for men

In addition that can decrease the potency, the stronger sex because of the overabundance of estrogen and lack of testosterone can start to grow Breasts and belly.

Thus, leaning on instant coffee, a man at risk to get a female type figure.

By the way, scientists have previously found such a property of beer that is so loved by the vast number of men. It turns out that “beer belly” is just the action of phytohormones included in the alcoholic intoxicating drink.

However, such a negative effect on the health of men of instant coffee can have in case if you eat it in large quantities. The word “many” doctors mean 5-6 cups of coffee a day.

Scientists believe that natural ground coffee is much more useful for men. At least, if you drink it in limited quantities, such damage, like instant, he health not cause.Scientists continue to work on the issue of the influence of phytohormones, and also the products which they have on the health of men.


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