Pirelli introduced the “smart” tyre for car

Pirelli introduced the “smart” tyre for car

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New information technology involves the interaction of tyres with the car.

In the framework of the Geneva motor show Pirelli introduced the Cyber Car technology, which allows the tire to interact with the car and “tell” on the tire condition, advance warning of damage or wear and thereby increasing traffic safety, reports citing .

Called Cyber Car hides the new electronic system, which will offer the composition of tires for original equipment and was developed in close cooperation with car manufacturers. The Cyber Car system provides data transmission, the most important from the point of view of security and performance.

If you do not take into account control system of air pressure in the tires, until now there were no data collection systems on the condition of the tires and transfer them to the car system.

The Cyber Car system transmits the vehicle parameters such as air pressure in the tires, the temperature inside tire and the residual height of the tread pattern. In addition, it can affect the operation of the system ABS and stability system. For example, reading the identification data of the tires, the car can change the settings to increase the level of safety and comfort while driving.

Among the captured data it should also be noted the vertical load is the parameter that is crucial for the efficiency of electric vehicles. Currently, the power reserve of the battery is calculated according to the standard settings and systems Pirelli Cyber Car onboard electronic systems will be able to obtain more accurate data. Knowing the actual mass of the vehicle, the Central control unit of the car will make an accurate calculation of the remaining reserve before the next recharge the battery.

In addition, thanks to specific information on the degree of tyre wear, much easier to service. In addition, the Cyber Car system provides access to services that can be configured individually for a specific requirement. For example, reminders about the next car wash, automotive roadside assistance and service.

The first cars with an installed Car system Cyber will be on the market this year as many automakers are already far advanced in the integration of Pirelli technology in your own systems. The next evolutionary version of the system will be the Cyber Tyre: the tyre of the future, able to collect even more data about their work and transmit them to the onboard systems of the vehicle with each turn of the wheel.This technology is not yet for sale, but it is already used on the Ferrari FXXK: track hypercare with an engine capacity of 1000 HP, which is designed for use only on racetracks.


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