Audi has created a new color for the A6

Audi has created a new color for the A6

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The most expensive one is almost 3 thousand euros.

The car can be any color if it black. This arbitrary paraphrase the famous sayings of Henry Ford is relevant even today. For example Audi A6 in the base will have a black body. For those who wants to stand out, the German company offers alternate colors for a fee, transfers the Internet-the edition with reference to .

New colors in the palette are called Taifun Grey Audi, Porto Suzuka Grey and Blue Firmament – is, respectively, metallic gray, gray and dark blue. The car is in the color “Gray Typhoon” will cost the customer an extra 1000 euros. Just as the Blue Firmament. But Porto Suzuka is much more expensive for him to pay 2900 euros. By the way, 21-inch wheels, which can be seen on the car in this video is also an option with a price tag of 3800 euros.Recall that for Audi A6 2019 model year there are only two engines to choose from: diesel V6 TDI with a capacity of 286 K. S. and TFSI petrol, which produces 340 HP and accelerates the car to a hundred in 5.1 seconds.


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