The deselect continues: Porsche is Recalling cars

The deselect continues: Porsche is Recalling cars

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While reviews from Porsche followed.

Reuters reports that the Ministry of transport of Germany, KBA discovered that the Porsche cars, latest diesel engines of Euro 6, was equipped with the infamous devices that help the car to get around strict laboratory test conditions. The firm was ordered to withdraw 60,000 cars with a “dummy”.

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Most likely, revoked machine will replace the software. Because of the number of reviews, there was speculation that Porsche may opt out of diesels. However, the head of the sales Department of the company Detlev von platen reported in March in the newspaper industry that the company remains committed to diesels in the future.

In an interview with Automotive News Europe von platen said that the company plans to develop diesel engines for the Cayenne and perhaps for the Macan. For SUV models it makes sense, because customers want to have good torque and low consumption. Diesel gives both.

Furthermore, Porsche said it would prefer to use environmentally friendly gasoline and diesel engines in their cars in the future.Jörg Kerner, head of Porsche powertrain development said that in the future the company will build engines that use the full potential of flammable fuels from the point of view of optimization of CO2 emissions and performance.


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