In new York condemned the thief in law from St. Petersburg

In new York condemned the thief in law from St. Petersburg

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The Grand jury of the southern district of new York recognized the thief in law Russian Razhdenes to Sholay guilty on five counts.

He was charged with creating a criminal grouping, consisting mainly of immigrants from Georgia, as well as racketeering, drug trafficking, illegal gambling, theft, including computer and other crimes, writes with reference to .

The prosecution in the preparation of custom-made murder didn’t come to court. Now a total of “lawyer” could face up to 65 years in prison. His accomplice Avtandil Khurtsidze, a former world champion on Boxing on the average weight under version WBO, convicted of computer fraud and could receive up to 20 years in prison.

Kingpin Razhdenes Sula (Razhdenes St. Petersburg, Brother, Roma) was arrested a year ago during a large-scale operation by the FBI and prosecutors in new York. The “lawyer” was arrested in his own home, located in Edgewater on the Hudson river in new Jersey. Simultaneously were taken into custody about three dozen members of a criminal gang, which was based on natives of Georgia. Then the Prosecutor’s office for the southern district of new York nominated by the detainee accused of contract murders, extortion, racketeering dens, where drugs were sold illegally and were playing cards, knocking out debt, the making of forged passports and financial documents, as well as in drug trafficking and theft. The latter, incidentally, has happened quite exotic: for example, in the case of figures, the episode with the theft of five tons of chocolate. Criminally obtained money was laundered through the OPG specially registered company for imports and exports of vodka that real commercial activities were not engaged.

It should be noted that many of the episodes in the case were the result of rapid development, which was attended by FBI agents. So, one of them was sold to the gang members of several parties allegedly stolen goods, and the other was involved in “ordering” the killings and the provision for this weapon. However, this episode never reached court.

Many ordinary members of organized crime groups went on to deal with the investigation and admitted his guilt. The case of Razhdenes Shulai and Avtandil Khurtsidze considered in accordance with the American RICO law against organized crime. Judge Katherine Forrest, who for more than three weeks led the trial, was not easy: in the room constantly attended by supporters of the kingpin, who noisily expressed their displeasure brought by the defendant of the charges, then laughed loudly when the judge tried to pronounce Russian profanity appearing in court documents as records of negotiations, “the lawyer”.

In the process, the head of the Eurasian Department of the new York Bureau of the FBI John Penz explained to the jury, who are the thieves, what is the concept of thieves and “common Fund”. He also explained why criminal leaders like to hold rallies in the Russian bath — there is a difficult process secret audio and video recordings.

An FBI expert also told the court about the tradition of Russian prison tattoos, which allows to rank the status of detainees “deserve.” However, stars that have to decorate the thieves, on the body of Chulai was not. Therefore, as the evidence was shown to his shirt and the pouch on the smartphone, which depicted the stars.

According to the prosecution, the gang members used as a classical criminal methods (for example, it was sent to customers of pubs women with clonidine), and the latest breaking computer codes slot machines in the casinos of Atlantic city and Las Vegas. The majority of the members of the group lived in Brighton beach, keeping under control small business of the Russian-speaking Diaspora.

According to U.S. law enforcement agencies, OPG maintained ties with other criminal groups operating not only in USA but also in Russia and Ukraine. He Sula, as evidenced by his intercepted conversations, liked to emphasise its influence in different countries. “Any Georgian only call my name and I intend to come to Georgia — and they would sit quietly on their Asses”, he said one of the interlocutors. “In America, I put all the thieves on the rails” — a phrase he said in another conversation. I must say that 41-year-old St. Petersburg Razhdenes not a common thief, though crowned him in 2013, held at the Cyprus meeting in full accordance with the traditions. Not only does he have no thieves tattoo, but, despite extensive criminal records, including criminal liability for robbery and kidnapping, he passed the University course in “Economics and Finance”.

In the summer of 2013 along with 18 criminal leaders from the former Soviet republics of Razhdenes St. Petersburg was detained in Europe, but then quickly released. After his arrest in the United States, he said that he understands the charges against him, but doesn’t understand why. Sentence Sule and Khurtsidze will be made in a few months.


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