YouTube has announced a paid channel subscription

YouTube has announced a paid channel subscription

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The company introduces the function of a paid subscription video channels with over 100 thousand subscribers.

Company YouTube announced the launch of new tools for video content creators. This is stated in the official company blog. As reports the Internet-the edition with reference to , asked bloggers-stars, because, for them, is in fact, remained the only source of income on the platform.

Authors receive 70% of the cost of the subscription after deduction of sales tax. Currently, the fee for the transaction, including the credit card transaction, YouTube takes over.

Among the innovations is a paid subscription for channels (a function of Channel Memberships), which will allow viewers to access unique icons, fonts and publications, members-only community for $4.99 per month.As you know, the service with access to exclusive badges, emoticons called Sponsorships was previously only available on YouTube Gaming. Channel Memberships will soon be able to use channels with more than 100 thousand subscribers.


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