In Turkey found ancient traces of brutal murders of children

In Turkey found ancient traces of brutal murders of children

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They were all sacrificed

A group of archaeologists headed a research fellow at the natural history Museum in London found in the Turkey cemetery with buried 11 children, writes with reference to

They were sacrificed, according to the Museum website.

During the excavation of the mound Bashur Hayuk (Başur Hoyuk) experts have found a large tomb, consisting of several tombs, dated to the bronze age. They have discovered the remains of at least 11 children aged 11 years and older. Their bodies were neatly stacked, and in grave lay a lot of jewelry.

It is unlikely that the children were killed in a massacre or conflict. Placement of bodies and the fact that they were killed by violent means, confirm that there has been a sacrifice, — said the head of the excavation, Hassett Brenna (Brenna Hassett).

According to the researchers, the children were killed for “demonstration of power” and maintain order. Two of the victims were buried in the grave, while the others were placed at their feet. Currently experts can’t tell the exact cause of their death. It is noted that one of the victims broke her pelvic bone and pierced the skull with a sharp object. Similar injuries were in children, were buried in the Royal necropolis of ancient Ur.


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