Named the most dangerous Zodiac signs

Named the most dangerous Zodiac signs

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These people will not spare anyone, said statistics from the FBI

Much has been said about the typical characteristics of Zodiac signs: someone very smart, someone attractive, and someone obscenely jealous, writes with reference to .

And now it’s time to call the most dangerous representative of the zodiacal circle. We should remember the real statistics. To demonstrate criminal tendencies, the FBI revealed the birth dates of serial killers. According to the results of their research, some Zodiac signs are more prone to certain types of crimes.

So what are people most likely to commit crimes? Give the answer in ranking from the most tranquil to the most violent sign of the Zodiac.

Gemini: traits
Despite the fact that the Twins can hear a lot of bad, they are the least dangerous sign of the Zodiac! Twins are rare among those whose hands were in blood, as they perceive others not so seriously to injure or kill them. The greatest harm they can do is kill a man with his chatter.

Aquarius: traits
Aquarius cares about justice and has a strong ego. This is the second least dangerous sign of the Zodiac. Perhaps this is due to the fact that they’re smart enough not to get caught, or they just don’t leave any evidence after the crime.

Leo: traits
Lions seek to avoid any trouble. According to statistics, if a lion kills, it does so only to attract attention.

Libra: traits
Scales are considered good, fair and patient. However, among them most were cases of murder than in Aquarius and Leo. Scales tend to become violent if you try to take advantage of their good intentions.

Virgo: traits
Virgins commonly found among psychopaths and very clever killer. However, Virgo often resort to fraud and theft than murder.

Pisces: traits
If you thought that Pisces is a very weak-willed people, you are greatly mistaken. Among the most famous serial killers a lot of Fish. Given their tendency to addiction, Fish often commit crimes.

Capricorn: traits
Among all the zodiac signs, Capricorns are the average serial killer. Although they respect rules and laws, in a rage, they demonstrate the worst of it. They rarely kill, but if they start to do, difficult to stop.

Aries: traits
People born under the sign of Aries, famous for its uncontrollable character. They can easily get angry, but generally quickly subside. You should stay away from the Rams, when they are in anger, they still will soon forget about what pissed them off.

Taurus: traits
Anger Taurus is very intense. However this Zodiac sign more prone to fraud, not murder.

Sagittarius: traits
Sagittarius is on the third position in the list of the most dangerous of Zodiac signs. They’re not focused on petty crimes, but for something larger, such as mass murder. Although in most cases, Sagittarians rarely cause evil to others. They are more likely to commit theft, but they are very difficult to catch.

Scorpio: traits
People of this sign are real psychopaths. They can be sadistic, and easily manipulated by others. Scorpios often become professional spies and mercenaries. Most serial killers were born in noapara: traits
Topping the list of the most dangerous signs of the zodiac Cancers. The majority of the people of this sign are killing others out of jealousy, envy or emotional instability. They do this with a special “passion”, and leave distinctive marks on the victim’s body.


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