NASA has warned about the approaching threat of the asteroid

NASA has warned about the approaching threat of the asteroid

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Humanity’s days are numbered, classified data is inadvertently leaked.

NASA warned of the danger from extraterrestrial objects. A dangerous asteroid hurtling towards Earth. Its dimensions are impressive and alarming scientists, writes with reference to

If a collision occur on the territory USA, new York wiped off the face of the globe. While scientists all efforts directed at tracking the largest and most dangerous objects and are able to evaluate the scale of the tragedy from this space of the car. NASA has also updated their plans on the deflection of potentially hazardous asteroids associated with Earth.

The office of science and technology policy, the White house released a new report called “national Strategy and action plan for preparedness objects approaching to the Earth.” This 18-page document outlines steps that NASA and the Federal emergency management Agency will take over the next 10 years to prevent dangerous asteroids from hitting the earth, and to prepare the country for the potential consequences of such events. The asteroid, which disappeared over the Botswana, was only one of several incidents that may have prompted you to make a decision to better prepare the United States and the earth collision with asteroids.

In may, the asteroid is longer than football fields flew past Earth at a distance of only 120 thousand miles, which is the closest distance to the asteroid of this size nearly 300 years. In April, another big asteroid swept past Earth, and nobody noticed until it has already failed. What the outcome of this possible end of the world, is unclear. But if it happens, Bruce Willis will not have time to help the earthlings in any way.


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