Google plans to revive keypad Nokia phones

Google plans to revive keypad Nokia phones

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The Corporation invested $22 million into the project the mobile OS for keypad phones

Google is interested in the project’s mobile operating system KaiOS, which is adapted to push the smartphones. Google even contributed 22 million dollars to support this vision, writes with reference to .

KaiOS was revived after “death” Mozilla Firefox OS which was supposed to be a competitor to Android. Reborn from the ashes of its progenitor, KaiOS made its debut in 2017 and by the present moment has already become a full working OS with version 3.0.

Itself KaiOS is a web platform for which you can create web applications in HTML5, javascript and CSS.

“KaiOS and Google agreed to work together to provide users with push-button phones Google services: Google Maps, YouTube and Google Search,” – said General Director KaiOS Sebastian Code.

The first phone that runs on KaiOS was the Nokia 8110, converted from an ancient tube Nokia 8110i called “matriciana”.

Push-button phones still relevant device, but sane operating system on them for a long time was not. The last 5 years, Nokia used a stripped-down version Symbian S40, with extremely limited functionality.


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