In Windows 10 will appear is

In Windows 10 will appear is

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Microsoft has invented a new way of monetization inside of your operating system.

In future versions of Windows 10 does not exclude the appearance of advertising in the operating system, for example, in Windows Explorer and in the settings menu, writes with reference to.

One of the developers and Microsoft experts Rafael Rivera said on his Twitter page that he collided with an advertising banner in the right pane of the “Windows Settings” Windows application for changing various operating system settings.

Moreover, such advertising cannot be turned off, as is done in the browser with Ad Blocker’.

The developer hopes that this is just a test version of Windows 10, Microsoft is looking for ideas for monetization, checking whether it would be too Intrusive, this is within the operating system.

The network users are of the opinion that this advertising banner will be shown in cheap builds of Windows 10 for developing countries, such as Windows 10 S.


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