Scientists conducted a new experiment on crows

Scientists conducted a new experiment on crows

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In the South Pacific ocean is the island of New Caledonia, inhabited by the crows is so talented that watching them come scientists from all over the world.

New Caledonian crows are able to produce various tools and successfully use them. For example, they make hooks to catch their fish, informs the Internet edition with reference to .

These birds are able to solve complex problems. For example, when you need to get out of the hole in the tree, hiding there larva they take in the beak a sprig, and pushed it in the hole and begin to poke her larva. When the larva is bored, she grabs a branch, and the crow immediately pulls her to the surface and eats.

Recently, scientists conducted these ravens new experiment. Especially for these birds was created makeshift vending machines, and crows, using them in the course of this experiment seem to demonstrate how animals developing intelligence.

Experiment with these vending machines was the largest in the history of the study of new Caledonian crows.

Scientists erected on the island a special enclosure. Wild crows there are only a few days, during which they are given to solve various puzzles, and then re-released into the wild.

How to build a vending machine for crows

This is a very interesting test, which was developed by Dr. Sarah Jelbert from the University of Cambridge. According to her, in order to determine the cognitive abilities of crows, you need to see how they learn something new that they have not met in nature.

“Of course, crows in the wild could not find the pieces of paper or paperboard, says Dr. Gilbert. – Accordingly, we have invented a sort of vending machine. The ravens could put in a special slit a piece of paper and get a gift – a piece of meat”.

First, these birds had to learn how to use vending machines.

“We put the paper on top of the machine, and the meat was hidden inside. Many birds, smelling the meat, they started to move the paper beak, and if it fell into the right slot, they received meat from a vending machine,” explains Gilbert.

After the ravens understand the working principle of vending machine, they were given pieces of paper that does not fit in the slot. Scientists wanted to see, guess the birds to break the paper into smaller pieces that you have to thread the gap.

“About half of them came up with that independently,” says Dr. Gilbert.

But this is only the initial stage of the experiment.

The researchers wanted to see if crows can remember which one it crack vending to shove a piece of paper of a size. It would show exactly how birds approach to solving specific and unexpected tasks to them.

According to Gilbert, the success of the experiment would demonstrate the presence of culture creation tools.

Each of the eight crows were presented your vending machine, which respond only to a piece of paper a certain size.
“We wanted to understand if they’ll even remember what size they need, and whether they tear the paper to the right size,” says Dr. Gilbert. Birds, no one taught. They had to remember, what size paper fits what machine.

“We found that adult ravens themselves have calculated the required sizes of paper for vending,” says Dr. Gilbert.


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