Scientists reported that can destroy the Earth

Scientists reported that can destroy the Earth

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Climate change can be unpredictable.

Even the observance of the Paris agreement does not guarantee that we will be able to avoid serious threats looming over the planet, informs the Internet edition, citing
This was announced by scientists at the Open University and Sheffield University in the UK.

Some experts questioned the feasibility of efforts to curb rising temperatures, given that the Earth has already warmed one degree, and that warming remains the ocean. However, other scientists believe that reduced levels of emissions of greenhouse gases can prevent the temperature rise.

The researchers developed a climate model that takes into account the interaction of the ocean and atmosphere, carbon cycle, and the number of carbon dioxide emissions, and assessed the likelihood of achieving the Paris agreement, and identified its impact on the biosphere.

So it became clear that the restriction of temperature rise is technically possible to achieve even without excessive restrictions in greenhouse gas emissions with 50% probability. However, in this case associated climate changes can be unpredictable for some areas of the Earth, where it may increase the frequency of weather disasters.


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