China and Russia decided to create an “alternative Internet”

China and Russia decided to create an “alternative Internet”

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Russia by cooperating with China, creates an “alternative Internet” — its own system of root servers DNS.

DNS (Domain Name System) is a distributed data storage system that contains all domain names and corresponding IP addresses, writes with reference to .

According to the newspaper, Russia is interested in the ideas IT engineer and chief engineer of Beijing management Center of computer network and information security management Fan Binsina, known as the “father of China’s firewall.”

The concept Binsina suggests that the state should have complete control over its segment of the Internet, and also have the ability to defend against external threats. According to “Kommersant”, with the concept Binsina was the global Internet censorship.

In November 2017, the security Council instructed the Ministry of communications and Ministry of foreign Affairs to establish the “alternative Internet,” wrote RBC. As argued in the security Council, this is necessary because of the increasing capabilities of Western countries to conduct “offensive operations in cyberspace”.

Then interviewed by RBC experts say that to create such a system is not possible because the DNS system is hierarchical, it can have only one root.


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