Facebook has patented a system that “listens” phone

Facebook has patented a system that “listens” phone

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The company Facebook has patented a system that can remotely activate the microphone on the user’s phone to record the surrounding sounds.

The inclusion of the microphone is made after the detection device inaudible signals in a television broadcast. This technology can be used to measure advertising effectiveness or popularity of TV programs, writes with reference to .

Facebook filed the patent application describes a system that uses inaudible sound to the human ear Mayak (in the document it is named “audio-fingerprint”) that is embedded in the audio track of a television show or advertisement.

When your phone, tablet or smart column “hears” this signal, that includes a microphone and begins to record ambient sounds. The entry can then be mapped to a database, which allows Facebook to define what I watched.

It is expected that the technology will set the option to the personification of user – it can help to determine an adult or a child was watching the stream.

Thus, the advertiser or the broadcaster will display information about specific data (age, gender) of the target audience. The technology also will let you know, switched the user from advertising and how much time he spent watching.

In addition, the system can be used to create profiles of individual household members to improve efficiency and creation of targeted advertising. This technology can also give Facebook a better understanding of the social relations of people, as it will show real network of contacts that the people you meet in real life.

Experts, learning about technology, is concerned about user privacy. Because the system is, of course, will record not only audio broadcasts but also the personal conversations of people without their knowledge. It in Facebook, which is now experiencing great problems with user privacy, responded quickly:

“The filing of patents for protection from other companies is common practice. In this regard, the patents usually are promising technologies, so that they are not able to commercialize a competitor… the Technology in this patent has not been and will never be included in any of our products.”

The idea that Facebook is listening to people’s conversations and uses that information for targeted advertising, there were fans of conspiracy theories. The occasion was the appearance in may 2014, the function “Identify TV and music” that with the permission of the user listened to the ambient noise. Of course, Facebook has repeatedly denied the facts of unauthorized “wiretapping”, but users are not convinced.


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