Scientists have found ancient human skull

Scientists have found ancient human skull

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Skull — the latest gruesome discovery in the ancient city

The image of a human skeleton, which was believed to have been crushed by a rock during the ancient eruption of mount Vesuvius, became famous after their recent opening. Excavations in the ancient Roman city of Pompeii has revealed the remains of a man who was believed to be crushed, trying to flee the eruption in 79 ad, writes with reference to

However, finding a skull of the unfortunate man, experts now think that it suffered a different, but no less terrible fate. “At an early stage of the excavation it seemed that the upper part of the chest and skull, which have not yet been found, was crushed by a stone block that struck the victim, explained the archaeologists in Facebook. — That’s why his death, apparently was not caused by the influence of the stone block was originally supposed, but perhaps he suffocated”.

According to the publication “Parco Archeologico” identified the skeletal remains consist of the upper part of the chest, upper extremities, skull and jaw. “Currently the analysis, it shows some fractures, the nature of which will be identified to have the ability to more accurately restore the last moments in life with greater accuracy,” said they.Skull — the latest gruesome discovery in the ancient city that was destroyed after eruption of Vesuvius. The city of Pompeii was quickly buried in volcanic ash, killing about 2,000 residents.


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