Astronomers first photographed the birth of the planet

Astronomers first photographed the birth of the planet

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A team of astronomers led by researchers from the Institute of astronomy of max Planck with the Very large telescope received the first confirmed picture of a planet that formed in a gas-dust disk around a young dwarf star PDS 70.

As reported by the European southern Observatory, the spectrum of the planet indicates it has a cloudy atmosphere, writes with reference to .

It is noted that the planet is the brightest point in the picture and darkened the center of the field is the star. The planet is distant from the Central star is about three billion kilometers, roughly the same distance from Uranus to the Sun. Analysis of observations shows that PDS 70b is a giant gas planet with a mass several times bigger than Jupiter. Its surface has a temperature of about 1,000°C, much higher than any planet in the Solar system.

The dark area in the center of the image is the result of applying the coronagraph mask, which blocks light from the Central star and allows astronomers to register up a much weaker image of the disk and planetary system component. Without this mask the faint glow of the planet would be completely indistinguishable against the bright lights of the star PDS 70.


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