In the Buddhist temple of China there was a monk-robot

In the Buddhist temple of China there was a monk-robot

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In the Buddhist Longquan temple in Beijing now you see a robot monk named Xian er.

The design of the robot based on the popular Chinese cartoon character, writes TechCrunch, writes with reference to .

“Its height is about half a meter. This charming, little bot is able to speak a little, which is a small tablet on my stomach. We met him when he was standing by the wall and charged,” — say the journalists.

This particular model represents one of three versions of a robot monk that currently exists in the world. This robot is trained to greet young visitors to the temple Lanciani.

Children and other visitors can interact with the robot via touch screen or remote control. The robot can ask a hundred different questions. However, instead of having to use the usual assistants, like Siri, or Alexa, the robot is trained to offer the answers provided by the masters of the temple.

“I think there’s a good metaphor for meditation or mindfulness, because it is regularly confronted with objects, and his mind is somewhere in another place,” — noted journalists.

The robotic version of the Xian er, who is also a character of books and cartoons was created in 2015 with the help of a number of Chinese technical firms, including Tencent and iFlytek. It is intended as a kind of mediator, helping to raise children and make a temple of 21st century technologies.


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