In the “German Stonehenge” bring in the sacrifices of children and women

In the “German Stonehenge” bring in the sacrifices of children and women

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During excavations in the “German Stonehenge” discovered a broken human skull and rib bones, which may indicate the ancient sacrifices.

This publication reports Live Science, wrote with reference to .

Archaeologists have discovered the bones of people and animals, drinking vessels and stone mill, buried in pits at the site near the village Pamela (Pömmelte), located in Germany, approximately 130 kilometers South-West of Berlin. The human remains belong to the year 2300 BC.

“The last moments of life was awful: apparently, they were thrown or pushed into the pit. One teenager’s hands are tied,” said a researcher of the State office for preservation of historical monuments in Baden-württemberg Spacer Andre (André Spatzier). He added that ancient people used the monument as a place for conducting rituals.

“German Stonehenge” is a prehistoric circular monument built of wooden or stone structures. It consists of several concentric circles, the diameter of the largest reaches 115 meters. As the English Stonehenge, ritual construction near the village Pemalite takes into account the movement of the sun, equinox and solstice.


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