Scientists realized the idea of “laser vision”

Scientists realized the idea of “laser vision”

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Laser vision, which we know from the comics and books possible.

At the time Plato lived in ancient Greece believed that our visual perception is based on the invisible rays emitted from the human eye, writes with reference to .

Later this assumption has been disproved, but the idea remained alive in the form of “laser vision”, which have some superheroes are characters of science fiction films, artworks and comics. And recently, researchers from the University of St. Andrews (University of St Andrews) made that will allow the idea of “laser vision” to become real, they have created an ultra-thin membrane laser, which can be installed in a contact lens.

New membrane the laser is a coherent light source based on organic semiconductor material. In addition to contact lenses, such lasers can be used in security systems, Biophotonics and photomedicine. The radiation level of the membrane does not exceed the laser threshold, which is dangerous to the human eye. This and some other settings were set and checked by means of a laser installed in the eyeball of a cow.

Note that scientists were able to make the most of the capabilities of the laser of a new type, the level of radiation is close to the fundamental limit defined by the weight, thickness and other physical parameters of the device. In addition, the structure of the laser is flexible and elastic and can be easily placed on the surface of the contact lens, bills or product packaging.

Tests have shown sufficiently high reliability membrane lasers. These devices retain its shape and function, being imposed on the surface with a complicated shape, and radiation level, and other optical properties remained unchanged for several months.

“Varying the materials used and by varying the size of the laser, it is possible to obtain coherent light with strictly defined parameters,” says Markus Karl (Markus Karl), “Can create even these lasers, which will present a series of sharp peaks that will become ones and zeros this kind of laser bar-code”.


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