The experts analyzed the performance of one of the iPhone 2018

The experts analyzed the performance of one of the iPhone 2018

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Apple is preparing to launch three or four new iPhone, which should be submitted this fall.

And yet one of the iPhone 2018 was tested on the popular benchmark Geekbench, writes with reference to .

According to the list of Geekbench, the new iPhone is listed as iPhone is 11.2. It works on iOS 12 and has 4 GB of RAM (highest RAM in the iPhone) combined with the updated SoC-D321AP, which offers a newer model than the iPhone X with its SoC-D22AP.

Despite the fact that Apple may have finished the optimization of the listed iPhone, the availability of a newer processor and more RAM does not lead to a significant improvement in performance. As you can see from the report below, the output device in the single-core test remains near the results of last year’s iPhone X.

According to the latest reports, at least one of the three future models of the iPhone will come with Apple SIM along with the traditional tray for the SIM card and the other variant will come with support for two SIM-cards and will run in such markets as China, where it is forbidden to use the Apple SIM.


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