Donald trump praised himself in his Twitter

Donald trump praised himself in his Twitter

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The US President spoke about preventing war with the DPRK.

American President Donald trump said on July 3, in Twitter, thanks to him North Korea and the United States have avoided the war, reported, citing .

“Negotiations with North Korea are going well! At the same time, no rocket launches or nuclear tests in eight months. All Asia in awe. Complains only opposition party that includes fake news. If I hadn’t, we would now be at war with North Korea!” – he wrote.

On 12 June, Singapore hosted a meeting trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN. Held on the same day us-North Korea summit signed an agreement, Washington promised to provide the DPRK with security guarantees, but Pyongyang confirmed the commitment to the complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.13 Jun the us President said that the nuclear threat from North Korea no longer exists. On 21 June the Minister of defence of the USA James Mattis noted that Pyongyang has not yet begun to take steps to implement the program of nuclear disarmament.


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