In Egypt have discovered the largest sarcophagus

In Egypt have discovered the largest sarcophagus

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Egyptian archaeologists have discovered the biggest granite sarcophagus ever found in Alexandria.

It is reported by the Supreme Council of antiquities of Egypt, writes with reference to .

A massive tomb was discovered during excavations in the area of Sidi Gaber Alexandria at a depth of five meters next to a huge head made of alabaster, which, probably, portrayed buried in the grave man.

According to archaeologists, the height of the black granite sarcophagus is 185 cm, length -265 cm width – 165 cm.

The burial dates back to the Ptolemaic period in the history of Ancient Egypt, which lasted from 332 to 30 BC

The solution layer installed between the cover and body stone coffin, indicates that it has not been opened previously. However, the one who was buried inside, and the identity of the person in alabaster carving until the install failed.


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