Scientists have discovered how formed the asteroid belt of the Solar system

Scientists have discovered how formed the asteroid belt of the Solar system

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A new study says that the cluster of celestial bodies between Mars and Jupiter was the result of a split of several small planets.

5 or 6 of the ancients of small planets as a source for forming the inner part of the main asteroid belt of the Solar system. This is stated in the new study, astronomers from the University of Florida. According to scientists, about 85% of the 200 000 asteroids closest to Mars are of such origin, writes with reference to .

So reads the message on the website of the University of Florida.

The American researchers do not exclude that the remaining 15% of asteroids can be derived from the same group of celestial bodies that existed several billion years ago. Moreover, they believe that the entire main asteroid belt may be of such origins.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if eventually we find out that all the asteroids of the main belt, and not only inner part of it, comes from a small number of celestial bodies,” says the study’s lead author astronomer-theorist Stanley Dermott.

According to Dermott, his work allows a more clear understanding of the evolutionary history of asteroids and the materials of which they consist. This, in turn, may be critical knowledge to protect the Earth from hypothetical threats from space objects.

“If someday one of them will fly to the Ground, and we want to reject it, we need to know what is its nature,” says Dermott.

Earlier, U.S. and European space agencies have announced their intentions to test one method of protecting our planet from asteroids. In 2022, the NASA probe will collide with an asteroid called Digimon. 4 years later he will receive a probe of the ESA. It will examine the consequences of this collision.


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