The cause month ban on watering lawns in Dublin

The cause month ban on watering lawns in Dublin

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In the capital of Ireland has temporarily banned the use of garden hoses.

The Irish authorities have imposed a ban on watering lawns and gardens in the Dublin area, as the country is known for rain and green landscape, is experiencing a rare drought, reports citing .

In Dublin began a one-month ban on watering using a garden hose and the local authorities say, likely it will be extended to other areas. A similar prohibition exists in Northern Ireland.

In some parts of the country for 15 days there was no rain. In June, the temperature reached 32 degrees Celsius, which was a record temperature in Ireland.

The Irish authorities warned that if the fall will not be significant rainfall, this year will be “the nightmare scenario”.

The levels of water consumption in most parts of Dublin peaked last week to a record 615 million liters per day.After the ban on watering, the consumption decreased to 575 million litres per day, but the level is still significantly higher than the expected consumption of around 565 million litres per day.


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