Flying dragon: Japan has developed a unique robot

Flying dragon: Japan has developed a unique robot

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The invention is unique in its kind.

Designers of robotics from Tokyo University presented his new invention, which has no analogues. Japanese scientists have developed the world’s first miniature unmanned multi-rotor helicopter called the “Dragon” that can change in flight its shape, reports citing .

“Electric dragon,” as the creators, consists of several independent modules, interconnected by means of swivel blocks with electric motors. In opposing the “tails” of the quadcopter are inching mechanisms that change the direction of its movement.

Miracle-drone is able to shrink, stretch, push aside some of their details, to seize with the frame loads, to perform complex acrobatics and fly in the narrow passages, which will never squeeze standard multicopter similar capacity. One word – universal…Include the following video, you can see the working prototype model of a “Dragon”. In the future, the Japanese are planning to improve the battery of the drone (as long as its capacity is sufficient only for 3 minutes of flight), to increase the number of modules of the UAV to 12 pieces, and, most importantly, to find the child a practical application.


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