Scientists have put forward hypotheses about the causes of square clouds

Scientists have put forward hypotheses about the causes of square clouds

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Clouds strange shape began to appear frequently around the world.

Information about clouds square shape began to appear in 2008. While people admire the extraordinary natural formations, the experts are wondering at the expense of their origin, reports citing .

So far, scientists are limited to generalities, no specifics. That is why we have to nominate various guesses. Interesting data provided in 2016, Mark Steer. The man posted a photo of NASA on the square where the clouds are composed of lines resembling chemtrails. On the basis of the similarity of the mark has concluded that the strange formation is the result of geoengineering.

The conclusion is quite logical, but it doesn’t explain the appearance of clouds a different shape. So, for example, in Japan there was a cloud the shape of balls and spirals. And some other areas noticed a square cloud that was visible only under certain angle and only during sunset/sunrise.

It may be a strange education have anything to dimitras, but while the lines are collected into a single plane? Also, this theory cannot explain the emergence of vortices and other bizarre shapes.Some experts noticed that often square clouds occur over the mountains. Hills can have an ascending energy flow, which affect clouds, but it is important to note that this emission comes only from pyramidal mountains. Maybe the truth will be revealed soon.


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