The expert voiced the possible scenarios of the extinction of mankind

The expert voiced the possible scenarios of the extinction of mankind

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Named three possible developments.

American scientists came to the conclusion that humanity year after year is destroying itself. To collapse, according to experts, will definitely lead to overcrowding on the background of climate change, reports citing .

To determine the fate of the earthlings, the experts decided to study the fate of existing ever civilizations of the Solar system. Of course, reliable data on those or other living creatures there, so many moments of the study are purely theoretical.

Scientists presented three models of development.

“Slow death”. About 70% of all people will die for lack of food and valuable resources. Irrational nature — the main problem of humanity.

“Soft landing”. Most of the population of the planet will die, but some people can adapt to global changes on earth. Thus, the human race will continue.

“Complete destruction”. Complete destruction will come not only by natural change but also human activities. So, scientists do not rule out a nuclear winter, runaway greenhouse effect, etc. Head of research Adam Frank is sure that the study of neighboring planets, in particular Mars and Venus, will contribute to the most accurate prediction of the fate of people. The possession of information will help to prevent a complete collapse of civilization.


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