In Australia the passport will be replaced by a facial recognition system

In Australia the passport will be replaced by a facial recognition system

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At the airport of Australia began the experiment.

This week some of the passengers of the international airport in Sydney, Australia will participate in the program, which intends to replace the passport check person.

Clients of the company Qantas Airways will have the opportunity to check-in, Luggage check and boarding gate without showing your passport, writes the Internet-the edition with reference to .

The decision to admit to the tests of real passengers assumes that the system is working fine. The duration of the test period is 3 months, the results of which will decide on the future approach. If all goes well, deployment of contactless identification is planned for March 2019.

“In the future there will be juggling passports and bags at check-in, we don’t have to dig in the pockets and the smartphone to show your boarding pass,” – said General Director of airport Jeff Culbert.

System Seamless Traveller, which in the long term will largely abandon the usual passport control and queues will be allocated $94 million over five years.”Qantas also plans to offer to customers ships a “more personalized experience” based on facial recognition. I have no idea what that means, but we have asked the representatives of Qantas,” – concludes the journalist Gizmodo Rhett Jones.


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