Scientists have discovered the genes responsible for loneliness

Scientists have discovered the genes responsible for loneliness

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Lonely people die sooner.

An interesting new study on the impact of loneliness on life expectancy found that people who are prone to loneliness, is really more likely to die an early death, mainly from heart failure caused by depression.

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However, this study initiated by experts from the United States, also demonstrated that in human genome there are at least 15 of the genetic regions that directly determine the social characteristics of the species, as the desire to be alone and this lower threshold of depression – that is the position, the experts decided to update the previous study.

While the previous study was conducted – and still is – and specialists from scientific organizations UK Biobank in the UK. Research is a time-consuming study of the relationship of genetic regions and regions with mortality rate for different number of subjects in the experiment involved more than half a million people.Experts from the USA took the data from UK Biobank and made a genetic analysis of about 432 thousand patients, having identified certain biological determinants of the human desire for solitude and the associated risk of early death from dysfunction of the cardiovascular system. Fifteen scientists have discovered genetic regions of the human genome, which, when in operation, emit a special connection and thus change the chemistry of the brain, making the person looking for privacy and exposing him to the risk of early death.

Such interesting results could not ignore the experts in the field of medicine in the United States and soon they may become the basis of new methods and formats of therapy against the prevention of depression and related moments of insulation. Given the fact that the relationship between early death and loneliness were statistically proven, it becomes clear that health professionals will have to significantly revise methods of modern therapy, both psychological and medicinal.


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