The biggest star was space “lukematon”

The biggest star was space “lukematon”

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Among scientists there is no consensus about their origin.

ETA Carinae, the biggest and the restless star Galaxy, constantly generates a huge amount of cosmic rays, acceleration of particles of matter to near-light speeds, according to a paper published in the journal Nature Astronomy.

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“We have long been aware that the shock waves generated after a supernova explosion, may accelerate particles of matter to the speed of light, and “charging” them with a large amount of energy. It turns out that similar processes can take place in other extreme environments, for example, in the vicinity of stars like Those of the Keel,” — said Kenji Hamaguchi (Hamaguchi Kenji) from space flight Center of NASA Goddard in Greenbelt (USA).

Cosmic rays — elementary particles and atomic nuclei of different elements, accelerated to near-light speeds, long represent one of the main mysteries for science and the sources of danger to the health of the cosmonauts and astronauts.

Today, among scholars there is no consensus about their origin — some astronomers believe that these particles are accelerated in the hot remains of the exploded stars in the milky Way, while others assume that they are the source of the kernel and the gas clouds in distant galaxies.

What is even more interesting, a third group of researchers believes that they are generated by decays of dark matter particles in the center of the Galaxy.Hamaguchi and his colleagues uncovered another source of cosmic rays, watching the largest and potentially the most dangerous star in the milky Way — This supergiant in the constellation of Carina, with an x-ray telescope NuSTAR.


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