Created “smart” dog collar that warns the diseases of dogs

Created “smart” dog collar that warns the diseases of dogs

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A few years ago, the engineer Matthew Edwards has been a personal tragedy – the sudden heart attack death of his dog.

Over time, this spurred a talented engineer to invent a special device to track the internal temperature of a dog’s body to avoid critical overheating and possible cardiac arrest, informs the Internet edition with reference to .

As a result, at this point in the concept condition is very good and interesting development under the name Dawg Tag, which is a really rich set of sensors and sensors, allowing them to register the slightest changes in the body temperature of a dog.

In fact, the design of the collar Dawg Tag is a really simple and effective – it has two sensors, one of which measures the temperature of the dog’s body, and the second measures the level of humidity, which can also play a very important role in the health of the dog. The engineer supplied the dog collar is very convenient external LED-signals to the host, which demonstrate how close the animal is to possible overheating.

The measurement module and the sensor has all necessary degrees of protection, including a high degree of protection from water, so that the owners can not worry about what the module will be damaged when entering the water. In addition, the design is equipped with a USB port to perform charging and a small display for additional information that also can be useful for examination of potential problems in the dog.

Yet, unfortunately, the collar Dawg Tag does not transmit information about the body temperature of a dog and other factors on the mobile host device, but soon this feature will be surely added to make the use of this device even more convenient and fast. At the moment, the prototype is still being developed in the framework of the crowdfunding company Kickstarter, and its original cost is estimated at US $ 120, which is a really attractive price tag for such a functionality.


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