Engineers have created a “corn-robot”

Engineers have created a “corn-robot”

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The idea is based on the fact that the water in the grains of corn, when heated, turns into steam and expands.

The study is published in the publication IEEE Spectrum, informs the Internet edition with reference to .

Engineers have created a popcorn-powered robot. Its modification includes several models, which showed scientists from Cornell University.

Technology presented at the IEEE International conference on robotics and automation in may. Engineers from the United States proposed to use the extension of the grains of corn as the driving forces for robots. In addition, scientists have developed several prototypes that run on the popcorn.

Indicates that the grains of popcorn are a natural and inexpensive material, so the choice fell on this type of grain.It should be noted that this is the first experience of application in robotics types of natural product.


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