In one of the libraries of Denmark discovered poisoned ancient books

In one of the libraries of Denmark discovered poisoned ancient books

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Scientists discovered in the library of the University of southern Denmark three books, the cover of which contains arsenic.

Probably for the manufacture of covers of the publications were used fragments of medieval manuscripts containing the texts of Roman law, writes with reference to.

Book covers were covered in green paint, which prevented to fully read the text contained in them, so the researchers took them to the laboratory for XRF analysis. This technology allows to know the chemical range of material, through the analysis of radiation material, which occurs when vysokoenergeticheskie x-ray bombardment. The researchers hoped to look under the paint layer and to determine the composition of the ink, which was written the text, and the location of traces of text on the page.

However, scientists have found that green paint on the covers of books contains arsenic, a very toxic substance that can cause fatal poisoning. According to researchers, a green pigment, which contains arsenic, can be Paris green mixed acetate-arsenit copper. It was widely used in Europe until the NINETEENTH century, including artists-the Impressionists, until, has not yet been established for the toxic properties.

Book cover, scientists believe, could be painted green to protect from insects and pests. At the moment, books are stored in separate cardboard boxes in a ventilated closet.


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