In Russia have detained a firefighter who arrived to extinguish the shopping center “Winter cherry” the first

In Russia have detained a firefighter who arrived to extinguish the shopping center “Winter cherry” the first

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The tragedy at the Mall “Winter cherry”, according to official figures, claimed the lives of 63 people.

The head of the first detachment of fire service of the Kemerovo region Andrey Burin, who first arrived on the scene of a fire in a shopping centre, “Winter cherry”, is detained. Against him opened a criminal case. The investigative Committee of Russia informs that he is accused under article “negligence”, writes with reference to .

“According to investigators, Bursin not organized by the management of forces and means of fire fighting garrison of the city of Kemerovo at the fire scene that occurred 25 March 2018 indoor shopping center “the Winter cherry” and exploration of the fire properly. Resulting in a fire at a shopping centre killing people, including children,” – said in a statement SK.

In the near future the consequence will Lodge the petition in court about election of a preventive measure Borsino.

Earlier Burcin said that firefighters arrived at the scene four minutes after the signal about the fire. Rescue workers immediately began evacuating and climbed to the fourth floor where the fire. “There’ve been very strong smoke, almost impossible to navigate. At arm’s length can not see anything, very high temperatures,” he said.

According to the head of the investigative Committee Alexander Bastrykin, the main version of the cause of fire was “spontaneous combustion electricians, which was closed”, or “this is the version that we believe less and less, the use of open fire.”

The fire occurred on the fourth floor of the Mall where the cinema and children’s playgrounds. The building was evacuated of about 200 people.

As it turned out, the fire alarm in the center was not working from March 19, and an employee of the security company that worked at the Mall did not include a warning system, although it worked.

Most of the security guards of the shopping center “Winter cherry” in Kemerovo operated without a license, stated in the sectoral trade Union “Coordinating Council of the private security sector”.

In the case – in addition to the guard, disable the alarm, also detained:
• Director of the company-owner of the shopping center,
• tenant premises, where, presumably, the fire started
• employee and Manager of the organization that is responsible for the fire alarm.


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