On a British beach found a flock of drunk seagulls

On a British beach found a flock of drunk seagulls

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Some birds even died because of alcohol.

In one of the centers in the West under the Hatch Taunton, Somerset, for two weeks, found almost 30 birds drunk, smelling of alcohol, reports citing .

Some of the birds were found unconscious, and from them smelled of alcohol. In theory, they can drink the remaining alcoholic beverages throughout the South-West coast, which makes them too drunk to walk or even fly. Can be greedy gulls feeding on waste grain from the brewery in this district.

Vet David Cooper commented on the incident.

“They looked awful. Some of them were so drunk that died. It seems that they all swallowed some seed- possibly from the brewery – it seems that it made them drunk.”One bird was rescued at Lyme Regis, Dorset, after he drank alcohol on the beach. A crew of six firefighters was called to rescue a Seagull, which was very unstable on the roof, but when they arrived, she had already fallen and was sitting on the ground.


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