The sizes of smartphones continue to increase

The sizes of smartphones continue to increase

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Korean media recently reported that Samsung may break the tradition of the Galaxy S-line and submit three versions of the S10 and one of them may be a base model with flat display closer to the range of 5 inches.

Could be cynical and say that this exactly mimics the strategy of Apple with three iPhone-2018, prednaznachendlya release, but if these rumors hold water in the end, Samsung could have a real hit on its hands, informs the Internet edition with reference to .

Look around, do you see any popular compact androids released in the last year or so?

This 5.7-inch next to the 6-inch near 6-inch diagonal. No amount of cutting, cutting out or off, the camera cannot hide the fact that most of the flagships released since last spring range about 6″ diagonal screen.

Of course, the transition to the aspect ratio 18: 9 (or so) makes them more tangible to use than the 16: 9 units of yesteryear, is it possible to have a rest from the huge phones?

Here’s a little statistic for you – the screen sizes for popular phones from some of the best-selling Android, released in 2016-2018.

A quick calculation indicates the increase in the average screen size of the devices listed in the 5.25 “in 2016 to 5.46” in 2017.

It’s 4% more that meets the standards of previous years. However, from 2017 onwards model has grown to enormous of 6.05 inches on average for popular models in 2018.

This 11% increase in screen size over the past year or so and this has never happened before.

Of course, some with huge diagonals kompensiruet transition to higher and more narrow aspect ratio, but looking at the size of the phones, we can easily see that the growth between 2016 and 2018 is a giant.

There is a phone that fits well in the palm, it can be comfortably operated with one hand and the trend is also moving down is the most popular model Xiaomi Redmi sold millions and millions have gone with a 5 inch straight 6 for example, and despite the cropping frame, or a narrower aspect ratio, the resulting model is still far more than their predecessors.That’s why we were curious to Express their opinion about this trend that nobody asked us, a huge 6-inch phone, which in most cases is not convenient for transportation and operation.


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