Bat”Panda” found in Sudan

Bat”Panda” found in Sudan

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Incredibly cute bat absolutely new kind discovered in southern Sudan.

His face is the creation at the same time reminds of a bulldog, and a badger. A fancy black and cream color makes it look like a flying Panda, informs the Internet edition with reference to .

Caught amazing animal was in July of last year in nature reserve in South Sudan, called Banganga. Then, researchers performed targeted capture of bats and was very surprised to discover in the extraordinary individual networks, which had large differences from other relatives.

Surprised scientists are not only bold, two-tone color, reminiscent of a Panda bear that had a bat. Anatomy it was also very unusual. The animal had obviously increased the teeth and skull, the unusual shape of the ears and longer in comparison with other brethren, the ends of the wings.

After some research, the scientists realized that they caught the bat has already been described. In 1939 she managed to catch in the Congo zoologist of the British Museum R. W. Hamano. When the wonder-mouse has been attributed to verastegui or Glauconycteris.

Now amazing creation was commended for the unusually beautiful appearance and allocated to a new genus. It is called Niumbaha superba. In translation it reads as a Proud uncommon or Rare pride, it is as you please. Judge for yourself: the word Niumbaha translated from the local language, Zande means “rare” or “unusual”, and superba from Latin translates as “proud”.

A total of five times zoologists was able to catch a specimen of this kind. This occurred in the Congo as well as Ghana, Cote d’ivoire and most recently in South Sudan. The habitat of this animal still remains unknown. And maybe this bat is not so rare, but because of the high flight, catching a bit of difficulty. But it’s not so bad, because it is a rare and beautiful animals often become prey of poachers. And, according to associate Professor of biology deann Reader, which made this discovery, to find the second one such a beauty, will have to spend a lifetime…


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