The milky Way “came across” to another galaxy

The milky Way “came across” to another galaxy

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8 billion years ago the milky Way has experienced a “head on collision” with another galaxy. To such conclusions of astronomers from the University of Cambridge.

To such conclusions scientists got the data from the telescope, Gaia, informs the Internet edition with reference to .

Astronomers noticed a cluster of stars kotoraya moved not like most stars in the Galaxy. The stars of this group form a region of elongated shape — “Sausage Gaia”.

Therefore, scientists suggest that the meeting of the milky Way with the “sausage Gaia” was one of the most dramatic. Its mass is more than 10 billion solar masses (about ten times lighter than the milky Way) and in our Galaxy there for at least 8 star clusters.Computer simulation of the collision showed that the star “Sausage” turned into elongated orbits around the center of the milky Way and was gradually swallowed up in his drive.


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