Animals preserved in a single copy

Animals preserved in a single copy

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Representatives of these animals is a one of a kind.

The wildlife is incredibly diverse. opulencia some of the animals decreases with each passing year more and more rapidly and result in some fauna remained the only one on the entire planet, informs the Internet edition with reference to .

It was considered extinct, the Jamaican iguana, ring-tailed. But in 2003, one individual was found in the outer Islands Hellshire hills. Since then, a lone iguana was never seen again.

The most famous tortoise named lonesome George is the last representative of the Ivory turtle. He died in 2012, after a long life of one hundred years.

White lobster is found once in a hundred million individuals. One of these was caught in 2010.

The Northern white Rhino is guarded round the clock. For him literally every minute followed by armed Rangers. It is the largest representative of the rhinos. Due to poaching, this species has ceased to exist in the wild in 2008.

Spider cyclotomy with printing on the abdomen is considered to be the oldest representative of its kind. Their ancestors appeared on the planet approximately 100 million years ago. Most of the time they spend underground in burrows, the entrance to which is closed as its hard drive, similar to the ancient seal.

Giant squid are also an extremely rare phenomenon in nature. They can grow up to 16 meters. Deep-sea squid is practically not studied, caught by fishermen very rarely.

Golden tiger came from crossing other species of this animal. Lives only in captivity. Worldwide, the eye of the Florida Panther – the most rare species of pumas. Most individuals of a species live in the reserve.lo 30 individuals.

Akapi like a cross between a giraffe and Zebra, however, is the oldest independent animal. Their few populations can be found only in the Tropical forests of the Congo.


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