Scientists first showed the mysterious lights on Jupiter

Scientists first showed the mysterious lights on Jupiter

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Infrared pictures on the station NASA’s “Juno” demonstrate how Jupiter’s moons IO and Ganymede cast double “shadows” of light on the planet.

The amazing phenomenon of the Aurora occurs when electrically charged particles accelerate along the magnetic field lines of the planet and then interact with the upper layers of the atmosphere, informs the Internet edition with reference to .

The moons of Jupiter affect this phenomenon on the gas giant, changing the direction of flow of charged particles. These massive planet bodies are decorated with unusual patterns of lights, which previously looked like a bright spot, subject to each her close companion in the Northern and southern hemispheres.

“Like Earth, Jupiter has auroras, says Dr. Alessandro Mura of the Institute for space astrophysics and planetology of the National Institute of astrophysics in Italy. — These constant electromagnetic radiation associated with precipitation of magnetospheric plasma in the ionosphere of the planet. The auroras on Jupiter are present characteristics of the radiation present on the Earth associated with its moons: in the ionosphere, magnetic field lines passing by the Galilean moons — IO, Europa and Ganymede, appear bright spots”.

A careful analysis of new images from “Juno” Dr. Moore and his coauthors noticed not a single “footprint” of IO, but a whole chain of many bright spots with a size of almost the satellite at the same distance. Formed a pattern like a trace of swirling vortices in both hemispheres, sometimes multiple on the catch arc.

So scientists have discovered that Ganymede leaves a double trace in the lights. These characteristics suggest that magneto-hydrodynamic interaction between Jupiter and its moon may be more complex than previously thought.


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