Apple Watch has found unexpected application

Apple Watch has found unexpected application

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Of cocaine-addicted people are told about an unexpected feature of the Apple Watch.

Gadgets like Apple Watch and Fitbit proved to be very useful for tracking side effects of drug use.

These devices operate as a monitor of heart rate, warning addicts about the problems with the heart, writes the Internet-the edition with reference to .

“My heart rate reaches 150, it’s like I’m running like it’s a really intense physical activity. At that time, if I’m really hard working, I can get close to 100 beats per minute,” he told reporters of cocaine-addicted male under the pseudonym Owen.

For Owen, which looks like a healthy adult male, average heart rate should be approximately 60-100 beats per minute. But in a period of inactivity, his heart rate reaches about 150. These irregular heart rhythms causes cocaine.

Consumers of cocaine, even accidental, death from overdose is usually associated with stroke, heart attacks and angina is insufficient blood supply to the heart. All these symptoms lead to increased heart rate.

However, Owen does everything possible to stay safe. That helps him with his Fitbit. In the same use of gadgets and other admitted drug addict.

“Drugs are, in fact, the only reason I wear a Fitbit. I want to have an early warning system when my heart decides to explode,” – says another drug-addicted American.Apple and Fitbit have not given comments on the use of their gadgets. But, apparently, such a use of the devices goes far beyond internal testing, us media say.


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