As the astronauts falling on the moon

As the astronauts falling on the moon

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Archival NASA video.

To adapt quickly to a lesser force of gravity and not fall, even during normal walking is very difficult. This writes the website of popular science ScienceAlert news, posting videos from the archives of NASA astronauts walking on the lunar surface, reports the Internet-the edition with reference to .

On the record, which is compiled from the archives of the missions, Apollo 15 and Apollo 16, shows how people in exaggerated and cumbersome spacesuits jumping on the moon, “like they have the coolest fun in life,” stumble and fall. As the newspaper notes, this was partly due to the fact that the inertia of a body, unlike weight, on the moon remains the same.

Drop also happened when the astronauts bent down to pick up some things or objects from the surface.

In the program of the mission Apollo 15 was the scheduled study of the metabolism of astronauts when traveling on the moon: for this they were forced to walk up and down the slopes, smooth surfaces, jump and even run.In the expedition following the Apollo studied the differences in locomotion and dexterity of astronauts on Earth and the moon.


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