Named the most innovative country in the world

Named the most innovative country in the world

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The world intellectual property organization each year compiles and publishes the Global innovation index.

Experts of the world intellectual property organization recognized Switzerland the world leader in the innovative development and implementation of innovations in daily life, and China was the only country in the “second world”, ranked in the top twenty of her new ranking.

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“A number of developing countries “suggests rustle” in the world of innovation. In addition to China, already included in the top 25, the top ranking torn Malaysia, India, Iran, Mexico, Tailand and Vietnam,” said soumitra Dutta (Soumitra Doutta), Professor of Cornell University (USA) and an expert of WIPO.

He is an international rating, under which its experts are trying to assess how different countries are developing innovative sectors of the economy and trying to bring them to life.

The Protocol evaluates not only scientific but also political and economic component of success, including quality of innovative legislation, the absence of obstacles to doing business, corruption level and other factors, not directly related to science and technology.

Traditionally, the first place in this ranking is the first country in the world, and this year was no exception. The first position for the second year in a row Switzerland, leading as in “theoretical” and “practical” part of innovation development. Second and third place went to the Netherlands and Sweden, and the first non-European country in the ranking, Singapore ranks fifth.

The only country in the “second world” in the top half of this list was China, which took the 17th place and has risen on five positions compared to last year. Estonia, in turn, was the most advanced country of the former Soviet Union, occupying the 23rd position in the ranking.

Russia takes the fourth place among the former countries of the Union, taking 46 place behind not only Estonia but also Lithuania (40th place) and Ukraine, rising seven positions from 50 to 43. The low position of the Russian Federation is largely due to the lack of legislation and traditions of its correct use, as well as the extremely high energy intensity of the Russian economy, occupying on this indicator, one of the last places in the world.On the other hand, Russia is in the top thirty leaders in terms of school and University education, investments in science and technology, the number of people engaged in mental work, the level of development of the IT sector and the number of patents. Interestingly, Russian is the absolute first place in the number of women with a scientific degree and engaged in research activities.


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