NASA will send a spacecraft to the Sun

NASA will send a spacecraft to the Sun

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The heat shield of the Parker Solar Probe will study the sun.

The American management on Aeronautics and space research has shared new details about the spacecraft Solar Probe Parker.This will be the first device of new generation that will approach the Sun as close as previously, no other camera comes close. More specifically, the project Solar Probe+ involves the creation of devices that will work at a distance of less than 10 radii from our star.

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Thus, the Parker Solar Probe must approach the sun at a distance of about 6.4 million km, that is about nine radii. For comparison, mercury is the nearest planet to the Sun is a distance of 58 million km.

In order to withstand extreme temperatures (about 1400 degrees), the Parker probe Solar Probe will be equipped with special heat shield. NASA reports that the shield will have a diameter of 2.4 m. it will be sufficient that the unit itself is completely hidden in its shadow. According to the calculations of the control probe temperature will be approximately 29.4 degrees.

The construction of the heat shield includes two panels made of carbon-carbon composite core of carbon foam with a thickness of 4.5 inches. The outer part will also be painted with special white paint to reflect as much heat energy. Overall shield with 97% of air, so it weighs only 72,6 kg. the Launch is scheduled for 4 August this year. Maximum close to the star the probe will fit in December 2024. Parker Solar Probe will help scientists better understand the Sun’s corona, to obtain new data about the activity of the star to determine the structure and dynamics of magnetic fields lights and so on.


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