In Belarus want to ban Georgievskaya tape

In Belarus want to ban Georgievskaya tape

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A petition already signed by several hundred people.

In Belarus began collecting signatures for a ban on so-called “St. George” ribbon. The Russian black and orange ribbon of the authors of the petition published on the website called “a symbol of lawlessness, chaos, instability and separatism.” They propose to introduce administrative liability for the use and production of appropriate symbols.

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The petition emphasizes that the international community (and Belarus) did not recognize the inclusion of Crimea and Sevastopol to the Russian Federation, where “St. George” ribbon used as a symbol of the enemies of Ukraine. Also, the authors of the document specify that “St. George” ribbon used as a symbol of Pro-Russian forces on the territory of Donbass during the seizure of power. Because the demonstration tape, a symbol of separatism and denial of the right of former Soviet States to preserve their territorial integrity “is a danger to the Republic of Belarus”.

It is also proposed to define exceptions to which the ban will not apply documents, the original battle flags, state decorations, and funerary buildings.

It has been suggested that this ban will show the countries of near and far abroad that “citizens of Belarus are interested in preserving the independence and territorial integrity of their country, the preservation of national security and enhance the spirit of patriotism and national identity”.A late appeal will be sent to the Council of Ministers and House of representatives of the National Assembly after 5 days.

Widespread in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus black-and-orange tape is received at the end of 2000, when Russian propagandists encouraged to use it as a symbol of respect for Soviet veterans of the Second world war. However, in Belarus the tape during the war was used as a time Russian supporters of the Nazis.


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