Online found weaknesses OnePlus 6

Online found weaknesses OnePlus 6

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This can greatly affect the rating of the smartphone.

Just three members of the community Reddit announced that their OnePlus 6 showed an unpleasant defect — the back of the devices spontaneously cracked. This writes with reference to .

Complaints touched on different black color options (mirror and Matt), and in General the cracks are more like a shot. However, they have in common: in all three cases, the epicenter of the crack is closer to the center of the body right, right next to the volume control.

At least one of the users, if you believe him, wore OnePlus 6 in case, the smartphone did not fall. Both also claim that were applied to their devices no mechanical damage.Three appeals can hardly be seen as a systemic problem, maybe it’s just coincidence, but in the event of a mass defect, the company will be difficult to stop the hype — OnePlus has sold 6 million copies in just 22 days. Official confirmations or denials spontaneously cracked glass from the manufacturer has not yet come.


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