The most accurate clairvoyant predicted the start of nuclear war

The most accurate clairvoyant predicted the start of nuclear war

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In the words of the prophet, a terrible war will start in Europe.

Craig Hamilton-Parker is considered to be clairvoyant, which with maximum precision predicts certain events. So, for example, he was able to see the presidency of Donald trump, the attack in nice, etc., reported, citing .

This year Craig called the year of testing: people will fall elements and disasters. In addition, all will suffer from the extremely high temperatures associated with solar activity.

In 2018 it will Wake up even those volcanoes that are thousands of years were “in hibernation”. To shake in the first place will Europe. The eruption of mount Vesuvius forced authorities to evacuate Naples. The inhabitants of the Caribbean Islands will have hard times due to floods, they will cause the strongest hurricanes. Also floods happen in India and China.

In Australia and California happen large-scale fires. We should also consider policy in North Korea the people will demand a new ruler, Kim Jong-UN resign; leading Nations of the world will begin to use biological weapons, the result will be mass flu epidemic. Chemical weapons will spread over the European capitals.China and Russia will join forces against the United States. The psychic also said that a nuclear war will start in Europe. Experts, given the reputation of Craig, trust him completely.


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