WhatsApp has warned users about the dangers

WhatsApp has warned users about the dangers

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We can talk about dissemination of false news.

The official blog of WhatsApp, it was reported, in which users are strongly advised to be careful when they transfer your contacts to other people’s posts.

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Apparently, speech can go about spreading false news that users send to each other in a number of countries. Fakes has led to serious conflicts in India.

In order to understand whether the message was written in a familiar, not a stranger, the messenger introduces a new mark — “forwarded message” (forwarded). She will be accompanied by messages that the user has been forwarded from other people. That way, you can quickly understand the user writes on his behalf, or forward someone else’s text.”This additional information will help you to Orient yourself in individual and group chats. With this mark you will be able to understand whether you sent the message is really written by your friend or relative, or they sent you a message written by someone else”, — reported in the blog.


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