Airbus is developing a Rover that will take soil samples from Mars

Airbus is developing a Rover that will take soil samples from Mars

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The European space Agency will allocate for the program of $5.2 million.

The European space Agency (ESA) has allocated funds to develop the concept of automatic lunar Rover, which will collect samples of Martian soil for later delivery to Earth.

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This is a complex project that will be implemented jointly with the National Board of the USA on Aeronautics and space research (NASA).

Sampling of soil will involve the Mars Rover 2020, which should be sent to the Red planet in the summer of 2020. Tanks with samples of Martian rocks is scheduled to leave in certain places.

To collect these samples have a different machine to develop his concept of the European space Agency has charged the company Airbus. It is reported that this project was allocated $5.2 million.

Rover to collect soil samples is planned to send to Mars roughly in 2026. For the execution of works this unit will require approximately 150 days. Collected samples will then be placed aboard a small rocket Mars Ascent Vehicle. She has to start from the surface of Mars and enter orbit of the planet. The special probe will be able to capture the sample container in Martian orbit and bring him to the Ground.Thus, the researchers believe, the samples of Martian soil could theoretically arrive on Earth within the next decade.


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